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Q Flash 

Item:  Q Flash Roach Bait Gel Kit
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  • Specially formulated the Q Flash Roach Bait Gel for Hong Kong environment. 
  • Approved by the Hong Kong Fisheries and Conservation Department, safe and effective guaranteed
  • Effective and efficient, formulated by professional and experienced pest control company based in Hong Kong
  • Dual-use, The needle-shape tube allows the bait to go deep into the gap while the bait box can prevent children and pets from touching the bait, meeting the needs of different families, and is easy to use.

Q Flash Roach Bait Gel Kit contains 

  • a cockroach gel (5g) syringe
  • 8 bait boxes. 


  • Q Flash Cockroach Killing Gel can quickly and effectively wipe out the entire roach group. The active ingredient delays the death of the roaches which have eaten the bait, so that the poisoned roaches could return to their groups and eaten by the rest, eventually eliminating the entire cockroach group. 

How to use the product:

  • Use 1: Put the gel in rice-size directly on the cracks and crevices in places where cockroaches are abundant, about one point per 0.5 m.
  • Use 2: Put the gel (3mm diameter) into the bait box, and stick the box onto the surface where cockroaches are abundant. 


  • *The product is harmful to insects and cold-blooded creatures such as snakes, spiders, and lizards. 

Hong Kong Fisheries and Conservation Department Registration Number: 1P202(GE)